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Do you get sick of right wing extremists pontificating on what it means to hold Christian beliefs? Does it make you want to scream when people assume that since you are a Christian you necessarily endorse the intolerant and reactionary agenda of the "Christian" right? Do you reject the Republican held notion that government exists to comfort the comforted and afflict the afflicted? If so, then join the Christian Democrats in advancing the progressive ideals of the gospel. Join us fighting against those on the right who have used Christianity as an excuse to further the aims of the powerful at the expense of the common good.

Our Christian faith requires that we pay special attention to the needs of those less fortunate and to the needs of society as a whole. It is shameful that the United States, a country of vast wealth, has neglected to tend to the basic needs of its people. For too long the powerful in this country have stymied efforts to provide a living wage for America's working poor, along with the basic human right of universal health care for all Americans. Far too often we have been silent when Republicans in congress have tried to push through a tax cut for the wealthy, or give Big Business another loophole in which to get around environmental regulation.

Now is the time when Christians of conscience must stand up to the monied interests and say, enough is enough. We will no longer sit idly by as the gap between the rich and poor widens. We will no longer twiddle our thumbs as more and more children go without health insurance. We will no longer be complacent when our air, water, and lands are sullied by short-sighted environmental recklessness. I urge you to join us in our continued fight for social justice and for good stewardship of God's creation.

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